If You Can't Trust Mother,  
Who Can You Trust...
"Tell me what you want.
I have it, or will get it for you
Desert Mother would like to introduce you to "NIRVANA"
(heaven on earth). The islands of Bahia de Guadalupe, 30
minutes from Bahia de Los Angeles.
There are more than 100 Islands in the Gulf of California,
famous world wild for their stark beauty and the productivity
of the Sea of Cortez that surrounds them, resulting in a
dazzling diversity of wildlife.
The islands of the Gulf of California are home to many

mammals, sea turtles, fish, whales sharks (which you can
swim with), sea lions, whales, including fin, bride's
humpbacks and orca. Even the largest of all animals, the
endangered blue whale. Common and bottlenose Dolphins
are abundant in this area, giant sea turtles and the huge
whale sharks can also be seen feeding in the bay.
The islands are refuge to many resident and migratory birds,
such as the osprey, brown pelicans, Brandt's , double crested
terns and heerman's gulls, bluefooted and brown boobies at
the south end of the bay of Bahia de Guadalupe the great blue
heron nests.
The Island of Bahia de Guadalupe is an important part of the
reserve of the Gulf of California; this area is protected by
CONANP and the Comision Nacional de Areas Naturales
Therefor anyone or company who may be interested in
buying in this paradise needs to be very environmental
This part of the Baja will become a green building
community unlike any other part of the country.
In Bahia de Guadalupe there is an airport. The road from San
Diego is paved all the way. As you come over the last hill
you see one of the most breath taking views I have ever seen,
a beautiful village surrounded by the Sea of Cortez with
fourteen islands and a marina with dream like sail boats.