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99 Z-4 P1/1, 264-79-27.16.
Total 264 Hectares (652 acres).
Matomi Ensenada Gonzaga Bay
2,281 ft of great beach front property
Sandy beaches, foliage, view of Enchanted
91 Z-1 P1/1, 288-34-76.68.
Total Hectares 288. (711 acres)
Campo In Matomi Municipality Ensenada San
Luis Gonzaga. 3,232 ft. Ocean front property  
94 Z-4 P1/1, 273-98-34.84.
Total Hectares 273 (674 acres).
Great beach front property in San Luis
Gonzaga. 1,724 ft. of flat beach front
property.View of Enchanted Islands.
Wonderful plant life on property.
63 Z-4 P1, 110-69-92.50.
Total Hectares 110 (272 acres).
Matomi Ensenada Gonzaga Bay.
2,721 ft. of beach front property.
Beautiful view of Enchanted Islands.
73 Z-4 P1/1, 174-35-92.61.
Total Hectares 174 (430 acres).
2,863 of beautiful beach front property.
Located in San Luis Gonzaga Bay. Flat land,
easy to build on. Lots of plant life on property.
Bar & Restaurant. Best deal in Gonzaga.
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