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If You Can't Trust Mother,  
Who Can You Trust...
"Tell me what you want.
I have it, or will get it for you
82 Z-4 P1/1 Total Hectares 135 (333 acres) 2,297
ft of ocean front property.  Campo in Matomi
San Luis Gonzaga. View of the six Enchanted
Islands. Underground hot springs, that flow in
5 Commercial Wells-493 Hectares (1217.71
Acres)1 well already leased to the city of San
Felipe, supplying 2 million gallons of water a
daily. Four additional wells that are untapped.
Thinks that’s it? THERE'S MORE! Acres of
gravel, red dirt, and rock for building.
2 Lots, Trailer, Home, Greenbelt. Close to new
pool & clubhouse. Located in El Dorado Ranch.
56Z-1P1/1, Ejido Delicias  Total Hectares 68
(168 acres) 590 ft. of Beautiful beach front
property. Close to San Felipe.
Terms Negotiable. Will Co-Develop.
83 Z-4 P1/1. Total Hectares 167 (412 acres)
2,350 ft. of ocean front property!!
Share in the Ejido (common ground) with