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If You Can't Trust Mother,  
Who Can You Trust...
"Tell me what you want.
I have it, or will get it for you
68 Z-4 P1/1 Total hectares 93 (230 acres), 1,468
ft. ocean front property, ejido rights, common
72 Z-4 P1/1 Total hectares 159 (393 acres), ocean
front property, beautiful view
32/12 acres lots  bordering the airpot,
electricity and water is available, these is a
good investment for the future
15 Z-1 P-1
50 acres, 2,864 ft. of ocean front property at
Bahia de Guadalupe, beautiful view.
256 Z-Z P-1
2,396 ft. of Beautiful sandy beach, 54 acres, one
of the best campo in the area at Bahia de
Guadalupe, 30 minutes from Bahia de los